Frank Dekker


frank's history, briefly

I grew up in the Netherlands and spend a year in Australia as part of my great upbringing. In 1985 I finished secondary school andmoved to university in the UK.

After studying Managerial Sciences at Bradford University and serving the mandatory national service in the Dutch Army as ‘Sergeant Dekker’, I started my career in sales with Scantech in the Netherlands. In 1993 I moved back to the UK and ran the Scantech Northern European operations until 1997.

The emerging market for wireless and customer interaction terminals was the draw for my first venture : Visum, which I sold in 1999. I then joined Business Objects and became sales manager. In 2002 I began to apply my experience in software sales, the Dutch and English markets to help software companies establish themselves in the UK and Europe.
I obtained a Masters in Multimedia at Brunel University in 2005 and founded Quatre Mains to market my broad business development skills and experience.

Quatre Mains has grown to a successful management consulting and investment company.


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