A dutch community london

In the midst of the City of London stands the Dutch Church. It is a meeting-place for Dutch people living and working in London. It is an independent and oecumenical parish where Dutch worshippers from different religious traditions are welcome.
The origin of the Dutch Church goes back to 1550. In that year the English King Edward VI gave protestant refugees from the Netherlands permission to establish their own parish. For their worship they could make use of the nave of the church that had belonged to the Augustine monks (Austin Friars).
Some things in life are bigger than we are, and in the Dutch Church I had an opportunity to initiate a monumental change. Together with Juup van Werkhoven, the then minister and a small team of convinced enthusiasts we lead an extensive refurbishment which enabled the creation of the Dutch Centre. This is now the leading multi-cultural Dutch space in the center of London.
I am forever thankful for the people that we worked with to create the amazing opportunity for this unique space, and for the team that continues to ensure it is a thriving and welcoming space and sanctuary.