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I grew up in the Netherlands and spend a year in Australia as part of my great upbringing. In 1985 I finished secondary school and moved to university in the UK.

After studying Managerial Sciences at Bradford University and serving the mandatory national service in the Dutch Army as ‘Sergeant Dekker’, I started my career in sales with Scantech in the Netherlands. In 1993 I moved back to the UK and ran the Scantech Northern European operations until 1997.The emerging market for wireless and customer interaction terminals was the draw for my first venture : Visum, which I sold in 1999. I then joined Business Objects and became sales manager. In 2002 I began to apply my experience to help a great variety of companies from the Netherlands to establish themselves in the UK, worked with English companies to move to Europe and even helped some American and Scandinavian companies to create successful bases in the UK and Europe.

I obtained a Masters in Multimedia at Brunel University in 2005 and founded Quatre Mains to market my broad business development skills and experience.

Quatre Mains has grown to a successful management consulting and investment company. In 2012 I was fortunate to engage with a young and promising company PS Renewables and in the following 5 years, my fellow directors and I built a great team and more than $ 500m of solar PV parks around the UK.
The renewable energy journey continues today with various investments and my move to Boston to build the PS Renewables success in North America.