About me

A keen skier, hiker, tennis player and oarsman, Frank recognizes the threat that a changing climate and reckless growth brings to the planet and the pursuits that make life so good.

Through his investments in Altesca, Eagle Solar, Solgreen, ICE and other projects he seeks to play his part in protecting what we were given for his own family and yours.

Frank has built up solar development companies in the UK and the US which were successfully sold. He now focuses his time and energy on what he can do to help protect against catastrophic climate change.

He works on the opportunity to help nations source a large portion of their energy demand from local sunshine as the biggest impact he can offer in this endeavor. As a believer that alone you can go fast, but together you can go far, Frank works with specialist investors who believe that energy independence is a keystone to the development of a stronger, cleaner world.